Admissions Process


From the very start of the admissions process, our care and support begin. It begins with an initial assessment, where prospective clients have the opportunity to engage with a licensed mental health professional. The purpose of this assessment is to gather crucial information. By understanding your unique history, we can develop a comprehensive understanding of your needs and provide you with the most effective individualized treatment possible.


While you undergo the clinical assessment at Trellis Recovery Centers in Los Angeles, California, our dedicated admissions team will be diligently working to coordinate with your insurance company. Their goal is to explore the possibilities of securing coverage for the treatment that you require.


Once you have been approved for admission, our team will work closely with you to coordinate an admission date and time that aligns with your daily life. We will guide you through the details of what a typical day in treatment entails and provide information on what you should bring with you. Additionally, we will offer suggestions and support to help ease your transition into residential care, ensuring you feel as comfortable as possible during this important step in your recovery journey.


When clients arrive at our Los Angeles treatment center, they will have the opportunity to meet with our Clinical Director, Margot Rittenhouse. Margot will personally guide them through a tour of our facility, introducing them to our dedicated staff and fellow peers. This initial meeting also allows for any questions to be addressed and answered. Following the tour, clients will receive a comprehensive orientation to our program, marking the beginning of their recovery journey at Trellis Recovery Centers.

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