Eating Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Eating disorders are intricate mental health conditions that have a profound impact on individuals’ lives. At Trellis Recovery Centers, we are proud to have a dedicated team of professionals specialized in the treatment of eating disorders here in Los Angeles, CA. Employing a multi-disciplinary approach, we provide high-quality and effective care to help women and men heal. Recognizing the uniqueness of each person’s experience, we tailor our treatment approaches to meet their specific needs and treatment goals. This personalized approach ensures that our patients receive compassionate and supportive care as they navigate their recovery journey from various types of eating disorders.

Types of Eating Disorders We Treat in Los Angeles

There isn’t just one type of eating disorder, which makes it important that help is available to treat every type, not just the most common ones. As well, each individual’s relationship with their body, food, and movement differs. We provide a full assessment to create the right program for each person we treat. From there, they can begin treatment designed to address their specific needs, regardless of which type of eating disorder they have.

Benefits of Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA

Our Los Angeles eating disorder treatment program offers a well-rounded variety of therapies proven to help individuals overcome their eating disorders. These include Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), and Somatic Therapies.

While in our care, each man and woman has access to a range of eating disorder professionals who help ensure everyone’s safety, comfort, and ability to make progress. Our professionals include:

  • Therapists
  • Registered Dietitian (RD)
  • Psychiatrist
  • MD
  • Nurses (RN and LVN)
  • Chef
  • Mental Health Workers

Our treatment plans are family-focused to help families come together in the healing process. We keep the families updated about their loved one’s progress and they learn how to communicate more effectively with each other. We also provide community engagement by taking our patients on supervised outings to restaurants and shops to help them become comfortable assimilating into activities that formerly caused discomfort and fear.

Our expert staff teaches people to replace eating disorder behaviors with healthy coping skills. Our goal is to completely change the relationship each person has with food so that they can enjoy a more relaxed approach to it.  We also can provide any necessary medications that help control symptoms such as anxiety or depression.