Residential Eating Disorder Treatment in California

Trellis Recovery Centers offers residential eating disorder treatment in California that includes a transdiagnostic approach that ensures each person has the opportunity to receive the best treatment modalities that help them recover from eating disorders. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that allows each man and woman to grow and develop healthy relationships with food and their bodies.

About Our Residential Treatment Programs for Eating Disorders in California

Foremost in our approach to treating a diverse population of people with eating disorders is to provide multi-disciplinary treatment for each individual. It takes more than one therapy modality to help someone move toward recovery, with each one teaching men and women to understand themselves and their eating disorders better. In turn, this empowers them to work in tandem with their therapists to become healthier. Whether you are in the beginning stages of an eating disorder, or you have been battling with it for years, our staff is experienced in meeting you where you are currently at.

Trellis Recovery Centers incorporates the following types of therapy into our eating disorder residential treatment California program:

Our staff includes clinicians specifically trained to work with people with eating disorders. Together, they provide a multi-faceted approach to healing. Staff positions include therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, medical doctors, and registered dieticians. 

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How Does Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Differ From Outpatient Programs?

Eating disorder residential treatment in California differs from outpatient programs in that it requires the person to move into a facility and live there while receiving focused, round-the-clock care. Most residential treatment programs strive to offer comfortable settings that feel more like a home than a clinical facility. This includes providing tastefully decorated homes that entice the residents to feel like their treatment takes place in a true family environment. 

Residential treatment ideally lasts at least thirty days, although the longer a person receives this kind of care, the more progress they can make. In turn, this lowers the risk of the individual relapsing after they leave treatment. Because treating eating disorders can be quite challenging, many residential programs work best when people stay for two or more months. 

Comfortable living space at Trellis recovery center for eating disorders in California

Benefits of Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Programs in California

Residential eating disorder treatment programs in California offer a respite from daily stressors that can keep people from making real progress in recovering from their illnesses. When people are nestled in a family-like environment with eating disorder-trained professionals taking care of them, they can focus on healing in a way that doesn’t happen during outpatient care.

We understand that once men and women leave our care and return home, they will face challenges related to food and body image. For this reason, we provide our patients with therapist-supervised trips to restaurants, shops, and farmer’s markets. This helps them to learn to make peace with everyday events like going to the grocery store and going out for a meal with family. 

We also counsel our patients in relation to using social media. Because social media can be so body and beauty-focused, we help people understand how to separate reality from the fiction of what comprises so many posts, photos, and videos. Filters, image editing, and the need to be competitive can poison the social media experience for many. When people learn to use it in a healthy way, it makes it easier to keep their self-esteem in check.

Another huge benefit of our program is that we believe in providing family-focused care. This means we keep the family informed on a regular basis about how their loved ones are doing. We also invite them to our regular Family Days, allowing families to reunite and reconnect. 

Contact Our Residential Treatment Center for Eating Disorders in Los Angeles, California

Trellis Recovery Centers in Los Angeles employs an entire staff of eating disorder-trained professionals who provide family-focused, compassionate care for young people facing the challenge of recovering from diverse disorders. Our residential eating disorder treatment programs in California assess each person we treat to develop an individually tailored approach to helping them heal.

Please visit our admissions page now if you want to know more about how our residential program works. Our friendly, compassionate staff is waiting to answer your questions and help you get started.