Eating Disorder Group Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Participating in eating disorder group therapy offers men and women the chance to interact with their peer group in a healthy setting. They learn to see themselves and others more clearly as part of receiving treatment with their own age group. Trellis Recovery Centers includes group therapy as part of our evidence-based approach to helping people achieve balance and recovery.

What is Eating Disorder Group Therapy?

Our eating disorder group therapy is led by one or more therapists who have experience treating several types of mental health disorders. Sizes of the group range but because we are a six-bed facility, each group is small. This allows for each person to have the ability to be heard and feel comfortable being part of the group. Each session allows for give and take so that members can both receive and provide helpful advice from others. The group leader takes steps to ensure that all participants feel safe and can open up and process their emotions and experiences. 

Group therapy sessions can include general topics or be specific about one particular condition. Because we provide treatment for eating disorders, the challenges that come with living with and overcoming them form the focal point of discussion.

What is eating disorder group therapy?

How Does Group Therapy Treat an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorder group therapy provides the opportunity to discuss many subjects related to the illness. Members can talk about the specifics of their eating disorder, such as behaviors and obsessive thoughts. As well, the therapist will help members open up about subjects related to having an eating disorder. This includes how it impacts their work, extracurricular activities and family relationships. From there, the group can work on understanding how being in recovery makes each of these areas of life easier to navigate. 

A great deal of any kind of therapy, including group therapy, is about identifying unhealthy coping skills. As a result, men and women can learn to replace them with healthy ones. Working as a team can help bolster confidence in doing so for each person. 

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Which Eating Disorders Does Group Therapy Help?

Our eating disorder group therapy treats several different kinds of disorders. We provide help for people dealing with these eating disorders:

Upon admission, each person will be given a thorough assessment to provide the correct diagnosis for which eating disorder they have. In addition, our staff can identify any co-occurring mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and more. 

Benefits of Group Therapy for an Eating Disorder

Many benefits come from participating in eating disorder group therapy. A big benefit is how being part of a group of peers united in a singular goal of overcoming an illness helps people know they are not alone. Too often, people with eating disorders feel like they suffer alone and no one could possibly relate to what they go through. Group therapy helps each person feel understood and know that they are not on their own trying to get better. They can speak openly about their lives and know that others can relate to them.

Another benefit of group therapy is that it provides an opportunity to be social. A hallmark of having an eating disorder for many people involves isolation. When someone isolates, they lose social skills and may develop feelings of social anxiety. Human beings are social by nature, and being able to spend time among peers again can help add joy to life. Additionally, it can help group members build bonds, some of which may last beyond treatment. 

People who participate in group therapy strengthen their skills in speaking up when they need to communicate with others. For both men and women, this means feeling more confident about talking to family members in particular. Communicating with their family allows them to ask for the type of support they need when they need it.

Benefits of group therapy for eating disorders

Begin Eating Disorder Group Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Trellis Recovery Centers provides a transdiagnostic approach to treating men and women with this challenging mental health disorder. Our caring staff provides compassionate care that features multiple types of therapy provided in a home-like environment. Our eating disorder group therapy is part of the individually tailored approach we use. Each person we treat learns to grow into a healthier version of themselves under our care.

For more information about our group-focused program, contact us today. We are happy to explain how easy it is to help you thrive.