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Similar to how a trellis provides support for plants to grow upwards, we at Trellis Recovery Centers aim to offer a similar framework for both men and women who are looking to overcome their eating disorders. Just as certain plants thrive with gentle guidance and support, we strive to provide our clients with a supportive structure and compassionate guidance to strengthen their journey of eating disorder recovery. Our goal is to optimize their growth, helping them reach new heights and achieve lasting wellness.

Our Mission

Trellis Recovery Centers holds a strong belief in the extraordinary strength and resilience inherent within each individual. We are dedicated to our mission of providing genuine, effective, and empathic support, guidance, and education. Our goal is to help clients discover and tap into their inner power, enabling them to navigate life’s challenges and create fulfilling lives that are free from disordered eating.

Our mission to help people overcome eating disorders at Trellis Recovery Centers

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Our Philosophy

Just as each plant on a trellis grows differently, recognizing that no two individuals have the same experience with their eating disorder and treatment, our team utilizes a variety of approaches. These include cognitive exploration, emotional processing, skill development, movement and art therapies, community outings, group activities, clinical exposures, kitchen experience, as well as medical and nutritional education. By providing this comprehensive and well-rounded approach, Trellis Recovery Centers supports our clients on their individualized journey toward eating disorder recovery.

We Believe in Going Further than What Meets the Surface

Our approach is rooted in the recognition that simply vilifying eating disorder beliefs and behaviors does not lead to sustainable recovery. We understand that individuals grappling with eating disorders have complex reasons behind their engagement in these behaviors. The eating disorder serves a purpose for them, contributing to their attachment and making it challenging to let go. With this understanding, our treatment approach goes beyond solely targeting the visible eating disorder behaviors. Instead, we delve into the underlying factors that contribute to the eating disorder.

Our goal is to move beyond the immediate crisis phase of treatment and delve into the deeper struggles our clients face, which are at the core of their eating disorder and mental health challenges. We acknowledge the function that the eating disorder once served and create a safe space for our clients to explore alternative ways of fulfilling those functions without relying on the eating disorder.

We See the Person

At Trellis, we prioritize the recognition of the person we are helping as a fundamental aspect of our treatment approach. In line with this commitment, we are dedicated to providing individualized care that is specifically tailored to each person’s unique personality and life experiences. It is essential for us to understand our clients as individuals, not solely defined by their eating disorder. We strive to create an environment where our clients feel truly seen and heard by their treatment team.

Furthermore, we firmly believe that our clients are not defined by their illnesses. We have faith in their inherent capacity to heal themselves. Our mission is to empower and support each individual under our care as they tap into this innate power. Through this process, they can create a reality in which they no longer rely on eating disorder behaviors as coping mechanisms. Our aim is for our clients to experience a sense of empowerment and lead fulfilling lives where they no longer feel the need for such behaviors.

We are Committed to Each Patient

At Trellis Recovery Centers, we are dedicated to being strong advocates for our patients. We offer comprehensive case management and insurance support services to ensure that our team can directly advocate for the unique needs of each individual patient.

We Want to Set Each Person Up for Success

While individuals receiving care at Trellis Recovery Centers may not remain in our facility for all levels of care, we remain committed to supporting them during their transition process.

Every facet of our program at Trellis is designed to enhance each individual’s plan and skills for transitioning out of residential care. We accomplish this through various means, such as meal exposures to promote healthy eating habits, teaching practical kitchen skills, facilitating support groups for both clients and their support systems, organizing community outings and activities, coordinating educational opportunities, and fostering connections through alumni groups.

We understand that the ultimate objective is to sow the seeds for sustained recovery beyond the boundaries of residential treatment.

We Believe that Recovering from Eating Disorders is Possible

At Trellis, we firmly believe in the potential for eating disorder recovery, even in the face of challenging circumstances. We hold onto this hope for every person under our care, while also empowering them to discover hope within themselves. While we acknowledge that social pressures and eating disorder thoughts may resurface at times, we have faith in an individual’s ability to navigate these challenges and make choices that prioritize recovery.

We are committed to the idea that recovery from eating disorders is both possible and attainable for everyone. In our treatment approach at Trellis Recovery Centers in Los Angeles, CA, we emphasize the importance of balance, flexibility, and resilience, recognizing them as vital elements of mental health and central themes in our therapeutic interventions.

Men and women who have overcome their eating disorder

Our Approach

Clinical Component:

Our Clinical team comprises three licensed therapists who specialize in eating disorder treatment. They follow a therapeutic framework centered around five essential elements of effective treatment and well-being:

  1. Core Cognitions: Addressing thought patterns and beliefs
  2. Gaining Knowledge & Insight: Acquiring information and understanding
  3. Connection & Communication: Fostering relationships and effective communication
  4. Meaningful Life Management: Developing skills for managing life in a fulfilling way
  5. Identity Exploration: Exploring personal identity and values


To support clients in their exploration and growth in these areas, we provide a range of therapies, including individual, group, family, movement, and somatic therapies. Our clinicians draw from evidence-based treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), Person-Centered therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Dietary Component:

At Trellis Recovery Centers, our dietary program embraces the Health At Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, and All Foods Fit models. These approaches support nutritional healing, growth, and understanding. We encourage clients to expose themselves to fear foods, clothing, experiences, and weight, providing effective and evidence-based support from our Registered Dietitian, who specializes in eating disorders. In our treatment, we emphasize inclusivity of individual bodies, experiences, and personalities, taking these aspects into account for our personalized approach. Our primary goal is to help clients reconnect with their inner selves, foster a peaceful relationship with food, and promote body acceptance.

Nursing Component:

Our nursing team at Trellis Recovery Centers takes a holistic approach, focusing on identifying the root causes and their connection to eating disorder behaviors and recovery. Clients participate in biweekly groups to gain knowledge about body systems and understand the medical complications associated with their behaviors. We encourage clients to co-lead these groups on topics of their interest to foster engagement and autonomy in their care. Psychoeducation on body mechanics and its relation to movement and nutrition is a significant component of our program, aiding clients in their recovery journey. Weekly medical team meetings are held with the client and their support system to provide education and explore personalized care to address the unique complexities of each individual’s eating disorder.

Why go to eating disorder treatment at Trellis Recovery Centers in Los Angeles California

Why Choose Our Los Angeles Eating Disorder Treatment Center?

When considering different eating disorder treatment centers, it’s natural to question why choose Trellis Recovery Centers over others.

At Trellis, we have developed our approach to eating disorder treatment based on extensive experience and expertise in the field. Our team has worked across all levels of care, treating adults, children, and adolescents in various treatment programs. We have also actively contributed to the eating disorder treatment community through speaking engagements, writing, and advocacy work.

Drawing from our diverse experiences, we asked ourselves a crucial question: “What worked?” By combining our collective insights, we have created a treatment philosophy that is evidence-based, humanistic, and effective.

Our ultimate goal at Trellis is to provide the best possible care for our clients, enabling them to achieve freedom from their eating disorder and move forward in their lives. We firmly believe that our treatment philosophy will help us achieve this. Contact our eating disorder treatment centers today to embark on your path to recovery.

Contact Our Eating Disorder Treatment Professionals in Los Angeles, California

If you think that you or a loved one may need treatment for an eating disorder, it is important to speak with someone about your options. The team of professionals at Trellis Recovery Centers will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We can also explain in detail what program options we offer and what to expect during treatment. Contact us today!