Bulimia Treatment Centers in Los Angeles, CA

While most people have heard of bulimia, it remains an often misunderstood illness with behaviors that prove difficult for loved ones to understand. While it may appear as if someone with this challenging mental health disorder solely obsesses over weight, appearance, and calories consumed, it is actually a complex illness related to underlying emotions and experiences that trigger the behaviors. Trellis Recovery Centers created our bulimia treatment centers in Los Angeles, California to help men and women understand the true nature of their disease. Our compassionate staff of clinical experts helps individuals explore the reasons behind their behaviors and learn to start recovering.

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What is Bulimia Nervosa?

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that is classified as a mental health disorder. A person with bulimia focuses on their weight and body size to the point of distraction. They consume a large amount of food in a short time period, often to the point of feeling uncomfortable. Then, they use compensatory behaviors in an attempt to rid themselves of the calories they consumed. These purging behaviors include vomiting after eating, taking laxatives and diuretics, and using enemas. 

Someone with bulimia often feels they are using diet tricks and will be happy once they meet a goal weight. Sadly, they are trapped in a cycle of eating disorder behaviors which are actually unhealthy coping skills used to try to achieve a sense of control. People can fall prey to this disease without understanding the true nature of it. When this happens, they may require attending a bulimia treatment center such as Trellis Recovery Centers in Los Angeles, CA.

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Why Go to Treatment for Bulimia?

Eating disorders commonly begin during a person’s teenage years, but they can also begin during adulthood. They may be mistaken as just someone experimenting with dieting when they actually have an active dangerous mental health disorder. Some startling figures show just how dangerous eating disorders can be:

  • Eating disorders are the second deadliest mental illness, topped only by opioid drug overdoses.
  • Every year, 10,200 people die as a direct result of an eating disorder. 
  • About one in four people with an eating disorder end up attempting suicide.

Bulimia is not a diet gone out of control or a phase. It is a serious mental health disorder that can cause physical disabilities and that requires professional treatment such as Trellis’ bulimia treatment centers in Los Angeles.

How Do Bulimia Treatment Centers in Los Angeles Work?

Our bulimia treatment centers in Los Angeles, California, provide focused care from a menu of options for evidence-based therapies. These include effective therapies such as:

We also offer two highly effective types of talk therapy that help people overcome eating disorders. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) both help people with bulimia reassess their emotions and behaviors. This allows men and women to develop healthy coping skills and a mindset rooted in reality rather than eating disordered thinking. 

Benefits of Our Los Angeles Bulimia Treatment Centers

People who attend our bulimia treatment centers in Los Angeles, CA, receive a wealth of benefits. The types of therapy we offer provide a well-rounded approach to helping women and men see themselves realistically. They learn to stop focusing on their body shapes and weight and begin to develop a healthy body image. 

Our centers provide highly trained experts in the field of eating disorders. Our psychiatrists and other mental health counselors help individuals discover how to cope with the challenges of life using healthy coping skills. They learn which issues contributed to them feeling helpless and using bulimia in an attempt to feel control. From there, they can resolve the issues and begin to improve their physical and mental health. 

Because our facility is residential, it allows our patients to step back from the stressors of their daily lives. We provide a homelike atmosphere where they can focus on healing. They are also removed from access to things like diet pills and toxic relationships and will be monitored to ensure they aren’t engaging in eating-disordered behaviors.

Finally, we believe in providing family-focused treatment. We have Family Day so that our patients can still see their loved ones as they progress through the program. We keep their parents informed and teach everyone how to communicate in healthy ways. This supports the continued recovery of the man or woman once they return home. 

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Begin Treatment for Bulimia in Los Angeles, CA

Trellis Recovery Centers bulimia treatment center in Los Angeles, California offers multi-faceted approaches to help men & women heal their physical and mental health. Our highly experienced staff of eating disorder-trained specialists work with each person to understand their specific needs and help them get excited about recovery.

If you would like more information about helping someone overcome bulimia, contact us today. Our friendly admissions staff can answer any questions or concerns you may have.