Amenities at Trellis Recovery Centers

Trellis Recovery Centers is more than just a residential facility for the treatment of eating disorders. We provide a well-rounded menu of amenities so that each person can experience several types of supportive care.

Our Amenities

Community Outings: Therapists lead our residents out into the community to help them become comfortable in social situations related to food. Planned community outings include going to restaurants, farmers’ markets, and shopping centers. The therapist is there to help each person process their emotions as they face potentially fearful situations such as ordering food and eating in public. 

Community Supported Meals: Our residents come together to have meals in our facility with each other. A therapist sits with the group and offers support to help those experiencing anxiety related to eating together. Support focuses on decreasing eating disorder behaviors by using healthy coping skills. This type of safe environment helps each man and woman become more comfortable eating among others while remaining focused on recovery.

Meals Prepared by Culinary Experts: Our menus are designed by a registered dietician who understands the intricate needs of men & women in treatment for eating disorders. Each meal is prepared by a professional chef so that the food is not only nutritional but visually appealing and tastes delicious.

Family Day: We understand how vital it is to provide family-focused care for our patients. We schedule family days once per month based on each person’s treatment program specifics. This allows loved ones to engage in recreational activities and visit with each other. Family Day also includes an opportunity to enjoy food with each other and to participate in family therapy sessions. 

24/7 Nursing: We provide round-the-clock access to a member of our nursing staff so that each resident gets the medical attention they need, night or day.

Additional Amenities: We continuously update the amenities we offer here at Trellis Recovery Centers. If you would like to know more, or have any questions at all, please give us a call and we will be happy to help!

The best eating disorder treatment amenities at Trellis Recovery Centers in Los Angeles CA

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