Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

When you look for help regarding an eating disorder, you want access to the most modern treatment approaches available. Trellis Recovery Centers understands the complex nature of these challenging mental health disorders and what it takes to help men and women. As a result, we offer holistic eating disorder treatment provided by our expert staff of trained professionals. We teach people to understand that their age is not a barrier to developing healthy control over living a more balanced life. Our holistic therapy programs help people achieve balance in all areas of their lives that result in better body image and relationships with food.

What is Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment?

Holistic treatment has been known to be used going back at least 2500 years when the phrase was coined by the Greek physician Hippocrates. It embraces the belief that a person is made up of several parts, the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic eating disorder treatment approaches involve treating ones whole self in regards to what may have caused the eating disorder to begin and what changes can be made holistically in order to overcome eating disorders.

Holistic treatment for eating disorders in Los Angeles CA

How Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment Helps

Modern facilities that treat eating disorders incorporate both holistic approaches and therapies with a long history of providing results. To achieve true harmony in a person’s recovery life, it’s important that they participate in holistic eating disorder treatment. Therapists work with their patients to help them examine the different areas of their lives and how they work in concert. This includes mind, body, and spirit. Making the connection that when one area is not working well, it influences the other parts of the person can help them learn to work toward balance. When all parts of the individual are in harmony, it makes staying in recovery easier to accomplish.

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Art therapy for eating disorders at our holistic treatment center

Types of Holistic Treatment for Eating Disorders

Holistic eating disorder treatment can consist of several different types of activities. Some can be practiced solo while others can be part of a group activity. Because people with eating disorders often tend to isolate themselves, group holistic therapy can provide a wonderful opportunity to build bonds and enjoy peer support. 

Different types of holistic therapy include the following: 

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Sound therapy

Learning good nutrition and incorporating certain kinds of exercise are both important parts of holistic therapy. Because many men and women with eating disorders struggle in both areas, including over-exercising, holistic therapy is adapted to meet their needs. 

Benefits of Taking a Holistic Approach Towards Treating Eating Disorders

Many benefits come from engaging in holistic eating disorder treatment. Those with eating disorders typically have an unbalanced relationship with their bodies. When therapists trained in providing holistic therapy work with them, great progress can be made. Each individual can learn the gentle art of moving their body without engaging in over-exercising. 

Additionally, learning good nutrition can be taught in a way that doesn’t feel like someone is trying to control you. This proves important because so much of having an eating disorder is about trying to feel in control of something because the person feels disempowered in other areas. Holistic therapists teach how to achieve a healthy intake of nutritional food that is balanced and not eating disordered.

Some of the options for holistic therapy involve being creative, such as music and art therapy. The creative arts have long been a way for people to express themselves in a focused environment that feels safe. Feelings that might not otherwise surface can come out when someone actively does something creative such as art, dance or music. As well, this type of activity can be continued after formal treatment ends. This provides an easy outlet to help people express themselves and enjoy a creative hobby.

Holistic therapy facilitates growth and a feeling of being able to overcome personal difficulties. Patients learn to understand who they are and how they can positively influence the person they will become. It also helps them learn self-care and to accept the idea that they deserve to treat themselves well. When all areas of their lives are in balance, they can make great progress in healing from their eating disorder.

Man meditating as part of our holistic eating disorder treatment program

Begin Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Trellis Recovery Centers incorporates approaches that include holistic eating disorder treatment therapies. As a result, each person learns to enjoy balance in their mind, body, and spirit. We teach our patients to rediscover a healthy relationship with their bodies and how they move in the world. Our individually tailored approach acknowledges the uniqueness of each person we treat.

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